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Portland Marathon
By Kimberly Brown

I thought I should send you to share with visitors to your site the final status of my running program for the Portland Marathon. The race was held under perfect conditions… an overcast sky with temperatures ranging from a low of 55 to the high of 70. I ran the full 26.2 miles with the exception of a potty stop at the four-mile mark; I also walked through the water stations. Not only did I feel physically and mentally great, I encouraged others who had difficulty. Maintaining my enthusiasm through the entire event, I crossed the finish line in 4:09 that was 20 minutes faster than my goal time!

I kept thinking: "I'm actually running a marathon... this is so cool!" I would say to people I ran with, "We're running a marathon; isn't that the coolest thing?" I took the liberty of ironing "Kim" on the front of my jersey so all the cheering spectators along the way could quickly identify me and make me feel that much better. I couldn't wipe the grin off of my face for most of the race. I was having so much fun, especially when strangers were cheering me on!

I wouldn't change a thing about the race or the wonderful people who made it possible, runners and volunteers alike. I now have in my possession a shiny gold medal, a freakin' finishers t-shirt, two small pine tree saplings, and a rose (denoting Portland as the city of roses). Yep, six months ago, this was only an inkling of an idea; now it's a reality. It's still hard to comprehend that the race is over and I don't need to think about my training schedule!

I would like to thank you Art for your marathon training advice. I hope you will share my thoughts about the Portland Marathon along with the positive experiences of other runners you've posted on your site.

Kimberly Brown
Athens, GA

Thanks Kimberly for sharing your marathon story.

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