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What Makes Me Run
Rachelle Chase

I've been asked what makes me run. I can't really say. You have to be a runner to understand a runner. How do you explain the feeling? Getting up before it's even light enough to see; tying up your laces through barely opened eyes; looking out the window to check the weather. Not that it matters. The pouring rain won't stop you. The wind won't slow you down. In fact, for some reason, your time seems to be better through the downpours. There's just something about the feeling you get when you're on the road. You've run certain roads so much that you own them. You're outside of reality and everything seems ok. This road is always better traveled with two. Sometimes you can talk and talk and find yourself saying things that you normally wouldn't share. Then sometimes, just the heavy breathing and the sound of your shoes hitting the pavement are all that is heard. There is never an awkward silence on the road. Unspoken words of encouragement get you through each hill. It is never a question of IF you will run, just WHEN you will run. There's something in your head. You're never gonna give up, regardless of any pain. Intense heat, blisters, cramps...you just run it out. You keep going. You can't help yourself. You just have to do it. There's nothing like that fresh air. Whether it is freezing, cool or scorching, you just go. Finishing is your reward. Seeing that finish line and starting your sprint is exhilarating. You really can't explain it - how each step you run feels like an amazing accomplishment; how you feel like you've done so much if you started your day with a run. You feel alive on the road. I hope I never stop running. And if asked again what makes me run, I will just say, "try it yourself". I think I am luckier than most - I get to run with my dad. We push each other, encourage each other, laugh together and sometimes cry together. We still run, because just when we think we want to do just one more big one, it's not enough. We just can't get enough. We both have the same sickness. We both love the indescribable feeling of what running does to you. We are runners.

Thanks Rachelle for sharing your article.

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