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Training for A 5K Race - Understanding the Basics
Jago Holmes

Training for a 5K race is different to the majority other sporting activities. In order to become competent at running you just need to be able keep running until you've completed the entire distance of your chosen event.

With nearly every other sport there is always an element of skill level that can be improved upon to give the competitor an improvement, whereas running a 5K doesn't need any great level of skill; anyone in sound health that is capable of walking, with no injuries could run a 5k if they wanted to.

This is what makes training for a 5k dissimilar to taking up other sports because it focuses purely on improving your fitness levels.

In order for you to be able to successfully accomplish this task you should follow these simple guidelines:

Try a Variety of Activities

To be a good runner you should have strength and stamina in the heart and lungs, but you can also develop in this area by doing other types of training such as cycling, swimming and other types of cross training, so give them a try.

Think About Your Training

Gone are the days when all you had to do was to go out and simply run. Current day 5K training techniques have moved on significantly. The risks associated with overusing the same muscles and joints when running mile after mile, simply places too much stress on the body. Using progressive techniques will rapidly improve fitness levels and minimize training time enormously.

Don't Do Too Much

Rest days are crucial for your progress, so make use of them. You'll be giving your joints a break, allowing your muscles to repair, and renewing energy stores at the same time.

Progress Is the Key

One of the factors why so many people who begin their 5K training plan don't make it beyond their second week is that they don't see any improvement.

Every training session should be slightly different, a little longer, faster or more demanding.

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