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2010 Running Tips: Eliminate Mental Hurdles and Get the Best Running Shoes
Joel Sussman

As long as your doctor gives you the O.K. to start a running program, the mental and physical benefits of getting into a running routine, even a few times a week, can be enormous. In many ways, running is the perfect way to stay fit because you don’t have to pay health club membership fees, there’s no need to squeeze exercise classes into a busy schedule, and there’s a lot less scrutiny of your apparel choices or your body-mass index (fat ratio).

If snow, safety issues, or daylight-savings-time are deterrents to maintaining a year-round exercise regimen, it might be necessary to invest in a home treadmill machine. While the super-deluxe versions can run into the thousands of dollars, an economical treadmill typically costs about the same as a one-year membership at a fitness club ($300 and up). Since lack of consistency is the Achilles’ heel of many well-intended exercisers, having a treadmill in your house or apartment can eliminate a lot of common running excuses, such as “it’s too late” or “…rainy” or “…dark outside”.

Boredom can be another common excuse for not sticking with a running regimen, but there are several ways to eliminate that complaint from your “whine list”. MP3 players and iPods are affordable, lightweight, and can be conveniently clipped to your sleeve or running shorts. With lots of storage space for books on tape, pod casts, or up to a thousand of your favorite songs, you’ll never be at loss for entertainment while running. Television viewing – recorded or live – is always a good diversion for treadmill running. 

Two other factors that can have an impact on consistency are your choice of running shoes and whether you take some time to warm up before starting each running session. Warming up should include a few minutes of stretching to reduce the chances of pulling or even tearing calf muscles, hamstrings, or quadriceps. The Internet is a great source for finding instructions and pictures on easy-to-do stretching and flexibility exercises.

Choosing the best running shoes for your needs is often a matter of personal preference, running style, and which shoe provides the best fit. If you have flat feet, shin splints, bad knees, or a tendency toward over-pronation, you’ll want to select running shoes that accommodate or correct those issues. RunnersWorld.com, an authoritative review site for running shoes, offers a range of recommendations based on individual needs. One of several highly rated running shoes they review is the Asics GT-2150. The Asics GT-2150 won the publication’s December 2009 Editors’ Choice Award, largely because of the running shoe’s cushioning, stability, comfort, and fit. Its predecessor, the Asics GT-2140, also won the Editor’s Choice Award in 2008. The Editor’s choice in the fall 2009 Running Guide was the Asics Gel-Nimbus 11 for men and women. Factors such as the soft mid-sole material, the comfort of the interior memory foam, and the ample toe room all played a role in the Asics Gel-Nimbus 11 being picked as a favorite. Running shoe reviews are a good starting point for narrowing down the search, but finding the brand and style that offers the best support, cushioning, and fit for you as an individual might involve making a near-perfect choice now, and then refining your choice when it’s time to replace your running shoes.

About the author: Joel Sussman is a web marketing specialist/ SEO writer with
Mountain Media. He writes web content for a variety of different online merchants, including AthleteX365.com, an ecommerce store specializing in running shoes for men and women.

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