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Break out of Inertia to Reap the Benefits of Running
By Joel Sussman

When you look at the list of benefits available to people who run on a regular basis, it makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t do it! The answer to that question lies in Newton’s first law of motion (There are three of them, in case you’re keeping score!). Back in 1687, Sir Isaac Newton may have never imagined that his law of inertia would be applied to human behavior and motivation, but the fact of the matter is this: We are all products of our habits, and we’re inclined to continue whatever routine we’ve established. Newton asserted that, unless an outside force is exerted, an object in motion tends to stay in motion; if I may paraphrase a bit --- a couch potato (who’s out of motion) tends to accumulate layers of flab in unattractive places.

So if you want to start a running program, but keep putting it off, don’t feel guilty. You’re just a self-imposed victim of Newton’s first law of motion: namely, the law of inertia. The same holds true if you’ve taken a break from running or exercising, and you can’t seem to get back on track. It’s not your fault! Blame it on the tendency of an object at rest -- you, in this case -- to remain at rest. You can’t fight nature, after all, can you? Well, in this case you can; and if you persist, it’s almost guaranteed that you will win. Few rewards worth attaining are easy: but when it comes to running, the effort is more than worth it! Here are a few reasons why.

What Actually Are the Benefits of Running? - Well, you really shouldn’t look at this list of benefits until after your doctor has cleared you to begin a regimen of running, because you wouldn’t want to start something that is ill advised. O.K., assuming your physician has said you’re healthy enough to start or resume a regular program of running, here’s the “short list” of benefits that you can reasonably expect from running a few times a week. Most people that run on a regular basis -- and stick with it -- tend to look a lot better, feel better, have more energy, manage stress more effectively, feel more attractive, possess a more positive self image, perform better in sports, and have more success in achieving their ideal weight. It’s no secret that regular aerobic exercise, such as running, trains the cardiovascular system (AKA: the circulatory system) to operate more efficiently. Assuming you have no pre-existing conditions, the benefits of maintaining a running program typically include more endurance, a stronger heart, and a more youthful body – inside and out.

The important thing to remember is that feeling good (or bad) tends to have a cascading effect, so the rewards of making oneself feel healthier, more energetic, productive, stronger, and attractive will expand, rather than stay consistent. And that’s where Newton’s Law leaves off, and the law of self-determination begins. I don’t know if there’s actually a set of principles assigned to that second law, but it’s definitely something worth exploring!

About the author: Joel Sussman is a web marketing specialist/ SEO writer with

Mountain Media.  He writes web content for a variety of different online merchants, including AthleteX365.com, an ecommerce store specializing in running shoes for men and women.

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