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Please visit the following pages of this site where we welcome your inquiries, comments, and suggestions:
  • Personal Training
    We encourage you to visit the Personal Training page for more information about our individualized coaching services. Art looks forward to the opportunity to coach you!
  • Mailing List
    Visit the Mailing List section of our site to subscribe to our email newsletter and/or to periodically receive running-related information.
  • Testimonials
    Have you used the information contained within State of the Art Marathon Training web site to prepare for, and complete a recent marathon or road race? Do you have a personal achievement story to share? Visit this area of the site to share your experiences!
  • Feedback
    We welcome your correspondence and feedback. If you have comments or suggestions as to how we can improve this site, please use the Feedback Form.

    Please note: Art is still providing personal training services and looks forward to your inquiry. However, please understand that he can no longer complimentary answer general training and running-related questions as he has done so over the years due to the increased volume of such requests. As an alternative, we encourage you to consider utilizing the many resources available within State of the Art Marathon Training web site. Many answers to your questions can be found within our content pages:
  • Marathon Training Program
    This area of the site discusses topics such as getting started - training basics, mileage buildup schedule, injury prevention strategies, stretching, weight training, cross training, choosing the right shoes, nutrition, marathon training schedule, preparing for the long run, experimentation issues, injury treatment approaches, psychological issues, tapering, packing list, race countdown - marathon strategy, life after the marathon, and evaluating your race performance.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Topics such as personal training, beginning a running program, changing training schedule sequence, pace of training runs, speedwork - risks and benefits, training on the treadmill, training to walk a marathon, training for the half marathon, including races in your training, marathon and road race calendar, muscle cramps, stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea are covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Runner's Forum
    Our Runner's Forum is a great place to post your questions and exchange information with runners from around the world. Browse through the many entries that have been posted to date spanning a wide variety of running related topics.
  • Search
    Use our convenient search tool to find specific information (e.g., training topics, key words, etc.) you wish to locate within the various sections this web site.

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