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Frequently Asked Questions:
Personal Training

Why hire Art? What are Art's coaching qualifications?

Great question... In short, I can relate to you. I know what it takes to get you to the finish line of a marathon, half-marathon, a 5K race, among other events, whether you have always been athletically inclined or are simply interested in improving your present level of conditioning. I can help you even if you are just beginning a running program and need guidance and support. Click here for the specifics of my coaching background.

What is this program about? What are Art's rates?

The majority of marathon training and running programs found in books, magazine articles, and even "State of the Art Marathon Training" are to varying extents, designed to provide general information for the masses. In order for a training program to be the most effective, it must be individually designed to meet a single runner's goals and needs.

Over the years, I’ve coached runners of all ability and experience levels. If you are serious about improving both your running as well as your level of fitness, I look forward to the opportunity to coach you! You can try my personal training services for a month at $100.00. I also offer discounted rates for those personal training services for longer time periods:

One month $ 100.00
Two months $ 190.00
Three months $ 260.00
Four months $ 320.00
Five months $ 365.00
Six months $ 400.00

* Payment must be received in advance to receive long-term rates quoted above for two, three, four, five, and six months.

Do you have questions about your training or details about my coaching services? No problem! The first consultation is absolutely free, with no obligation and no pressure to purchase or sign up for anything.

Here's some of what you get as a coaching client

  • Telephone consultation on a weekly basis
  • Email support
  • Goal-setting assistance
  • Individualized training schedule designed based on your goals and needs
  • Analysis of progress provided with adjustments made based on your results
  • Injury prevention assistance
  • Nutritional assistance
  • Helpful tips and suggestions provided enabling you to train more effectively
  • Motivation and support
  • Accountability to enhance self-discipline

Personal Training For the Advanced Competitor

I can provide the competitive runner with structured weekly workouts (including speedwork sessions) designed to achieve fast race performances at any distance (relative, of course, to one's athletic aptitude and present ability level). Engaging in a speedwork program without the consultation of a coach can indeed be hazardous to one's health! Contact me to get the ball rolling for faster race times.

Do you only need a training schedule?

I can design a customized training schedule to meet your goals and needs for just $50.00. This long term training schedule will include a mileage buildup/maintenance plan to reflect your present ability level, race goals, etc. and be based on the available time you have during the week to train. Best of all, the first telephone consultation (necessary/required to develop a schedule to meet your goals and needs) is absolutely free with no obligation!

Please be aware that our $50.00 training schedules do not include specific weekly speed workouts although during an initial consult, I can discuss types of workouts and day(s) they could be incorporated into a training plan. Speed workouts need to be monitored and adjusted regularly so that target times for fast-paced intervals can be specified to account for performance gains. For this reason, I recommend weekly consults for clients who wish to include speedwork as part of their training.

Are you leery about obtaining web-based coaching services?

Click here to read what satisfied clients have to say about my Personal Training Services?

These are the basic steps to getting started.

  1. Tell me about yourself! Complete and submit our brief Background Information Form.
  2. Upon reviewing the background information you submit, I will promptly write back to arrange a time when it would be convenient for you to telephone me to discuss your current training routine, race/fitness goals, and considerations regarding the development of an individualized program. I will also answer any questions you may have about our personal training services.
  3. This first consultation is free with no obligation or pressure to sign up for anything!
  4. You will decide if our personal training services would be of benefit to you. If the answer is "yes", a weekly consultation time will be set up at your convenience and you will be on your way to achieving your training goal(s).

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