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Endorsements from Satisfied Clients

Jenny R. – Northaw-Hertfordshire, United Kingdom writes:
Several months ago I decided to sign up with Art for on-line coaching services, having done the 2004 New York Marathon in a disappointing time, and injuring myself in the process by guessing how many miles a week I should be training.

My running has since improved dramatically and, I am confident, will continue to improve. I have put my trust totally in a coach in the USA, who I call once each week to find out what my weekly schedule is, discuss any problems and report back on race times. Art has filled me with a new enthusiasm for running and made what used to be complete guesswork into an efficient but flexible schedule that I can stick to.

It's been great having you as my coach Art. The time has FLOWN BY and I've had such fun building up my running with your weekly schedules and inspirational chats, making Wednesdays my 'pick-me-up' days!

When I've run good races (even on MY small scale of personal bests), it has been good to have someone to tell who is genuinely pleased for me. Likewise when things haven't been going well with aches and pains, it's been an enormous help to talk it over with Art, get some reassurance and of course, every week, have a laugh!

I cannot emphasize enough how much even the average recreational runner like myself can benefit from having a coach. It doesn't need to be expensive and you don't even need to meet your coach if you do it on line. All I did was click on a website called "marathontraining.com" and now I am a better runner!

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