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Personal Training Coaching Plan Options and Rates

Choose from one of the personal training services listed below that best-meets your goals and needs. Next, visit the sign-up page and complete the background information form there. Upon its review, an initial consult will be set up and you’ll then be on the road to achieving your goals. 

When compared to the hourly fees that you’d expect to pay to receive advice and services from professionals in the fields of medicine/health, legal, counseling, financial, etc., you’ll find that the rates for our personal training services quite reasonable. You can try personal training services for $100 a month.

Monthly - $100.00

This plan is ideal for those who wish to give our personal training services a try before committing on a long-term basis or clients who wish to pay month-to-month. Please be aware that this plan encompasses four telephone consultations, once per week, over the course of four consecutive weeks.

Long-Term Plans – Starting at $190.00

Take advantage of our reduced rates by signing up for long-term personal training services. Select the monthly time period that best meets your training needs. Payment must be received in advance to receive the long-term rates listed below.

Two months $ 190.00
Three months $ 260.00
Four months $ 320.00
Five months $ 365.00
Six months $ 400.00
7 months+ Pro-rated at $65.00/mo

Training Schedule Only - $50.00

I can design a customized training schedule to meet your goals and needs for just $50.00. This long term training schedule will include a mileage buildup plan to reflect your present ability level, race goals, etc. and be based on the available time you have during the week to train. The $50.00 fee reflects training schedules that are a maximum of six months in duration. Schedules can be designed for longer time periods – Add $10.00 to the cost of the schedule for each two additional months needed.

Please be aware that training schedule does not include specific weekly speed workouts or other advanced training techniques such as hill repeats, although during an initial consult, I can discuss various types of workouts and day(s) they could be incorporated into a training plan. Speed workouts need to be monitored and adjusted regularly so that target times for fast-paced intervals can be specified to account for performance gains. For this reason, I recommend weekly consultations for clients who wish to include advanced training techniques as part of their training.

Training Schedule Plus 3 Consults - $130.00

This plan includes a customized training schedule (see above for details) along with three, 30-minute telephone consultations. These consults can be scheduled during a time period when a client feels the need for specific coaching support (applicable only during the duration/calendar period of the schedule). An additional fee may be charged should the original training schedule require major revision. Special Requests for Personal Training Services

Please feel free to contact us should you have a need for unique personal training services not listed above. We will do our best to design a program to fulfill your requirements. Other training options might include: corporate fitness/wellness programs, coaching clinics, speaking engagements, running camps, etc.

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