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Personal Training

What’s personal training all about?

The majority of marathon training and running programs found in books, magazine articles, and even “State of the Art Marathon Training” website are to varying extents, designed to provide general information to the masses. In order for a training program to be most effective, it must be individually tailored to meet a single runner’s goals and needs. It must also be created to provide the opportunity for one to achieve his or her full potential while minimizing the chances of injury.

Why hire Art?

Great question! In short, I can relate to you. I know what it takes to get you to the finish line of a marathon, half-marathon, a 5K race, among other events, whether you have always been athletically inclined or are simply interested in improving your present level of conditioning. No matter your ability and experience level and regardless of your running and racing goals, I can provide you with the guidance and support to succeed.

For more information about my coaching background and experience, visit Art’s Coaching Qualifications.

How can I benefit from personal training services?

Whether you are a true beginner or an experienced competitive runner, there are many reasons to consider personal training services. I invite you to contact me to discuss your running related and/or fitness goals. Some of these might include:

  • Beginning a running program from “square one”.
  • Training to complete shorter events from the 5K to Half-marathon.
  • Completing your first marathon safely and successfully.
  • Improving upon your finish time and level of conditioning level from a previous marathon or shorter race.
  • Structuring your training into a busy lifestyle, maximizing its benefits while reducing the chances of injury
  • Taking your running to the next level by including *advanced training techniques to your routine.

* Advanced training techniques are structured workouts such as repeat intervals, tempo runs, hill repeats, etc.), designed to achieve faster race performances at any distance (relative, of course, to one's athletic aptitude and present ability level). Only experienced runners should consider including these within their program. Caution: Engaging in these advanced techniques without the consultation of a coach can indeed be hazardous to one's health!

Components of a personal training program

  • Telephone consultations on a weekly basis
  • Email support
  • Goal-setting assistance
  • Individualized training program designed, based on your goals and needs
  • Analysis of progress provided with adjustments made, based on your results
  • Injury prevention guidance
  • Nutritional tips provided
  • Assistance to those who wish to incorporate cross-training and weight training into their workout routine
  • Helpful tips and suggestions provided, enabling you to train more effectively
  • Answers to your training questions
  • Ongoing motivation and support
  • Accountability component to enhance self-discipline
  • Strategies for those who tend to over-train

Please visit the other pages of the Personal Training section of this site to learn about our wide range of personal training options - rates (from weekly consultations to customized training schedules) along with sign-up information. Many questions relating to personal training services are addressed within the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are leery about on-line training, I invite you to read comments from our satisfied personal training clients along with testimonials submitted by runners residing around the globe who’ve used the training information presented within this site to successfully achieve their goals.

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